Pikazo, artificial intelligence to create works of art

It is an app for iOS devices. Its creators tell us about it that it is ” a universal art machine that paints any image in the style of any other, producing works of art that are sometimes beautiful, sometimes disturbing and always surprising .” You just have to download and install it on an iPhone or an iPad to start enjoying it.

You have to use a photo that serves as the basis for the elaboration of the work of art. From there you have to choose a style from the list that is offered. The end of the process consists of painting, which is carried out easily, as we are told, « with just two touches ».

What does Pikazo offer?

The application began its development in 2015 using AI (Artificial Intelligence) as its support. The result supposes the involvement of humans, machines, and the concept that each one has of art. As a consequence it is possible to create a masterpiece.

You just have to select a universal work to convert a photo into an image with similar characteristics. The results can lead to something beautiful or haunting, but always surprising.

It is possible to use Pikazo anytime and anywhere. You are taking an excursion, or eating in a restaurant with friends, among other possibilities, and you want to surprise those who are with you. You take a photo and immediately use the app to give it a very special touch.

You won’t need to attend an art class to get what you want. With this application everything is possible, effortlessly and giving free rein to your creativity.

To consider

Those responsible for Pikazo tell us the following about the application:

We believe that art is a universal birthright, and we created Pikazo to help you claim it. Pikazo doesn’t care if you’re Bob Ross or if you can’t even doodle. Unlike oils or acrylics, the neural algorithms he uses obey an accountant or athlete with the same precision as a master painter. Pikazo in hand, the world is now yours. Make it art.

Pikazo allows anyone to participate in the art. Looking at our lives, there are almost limitless opportunities to personalize and participate in the artistic creation that surrounds us.


It is a free application, which offers purchases within it, which can be downloaded from the App Store .