Pin a hard drive to the taskbar in Windows

The function of the taskbar is to facilitate access to some programs that we have fixed in it for quick access. The only problem is that we will only have the possibility to pin programs and applications to it, however there is a trick with which you can create a shortcut from a hard drive to the Windows taskbar , in MrAppsGeek we explain it to you quickly and easily .

How to Pin a Hard Drive to the Taskbar

The first thing we have to do is the following:

  1. Locate the storage unit that we want to set on the Windows taskbar .
  2. Then we will select it and give the right mouse button and click “Create Shortcut” , as in the photo.

If everything went well, we will realize that a shortcut to the hard drive in question has been created on the desktop . Ok, now what we have to do is select it and give it the right mouse button and enter “Properties” .

We enter the “Direct Access” tab and in the “Destination” section we add the following without quotes:

  • «Explorer» (leaving a space between the unit).

Below I leave you a photo of the process, once we finish we click on “Accept” .

Hard Drive Shortcut in Windows 10 Taskbar

If everything goes well we will see that the icon has changed to that of “File Explorer”. This is essential because Windows will now detect the drive as “Explorer” , so we can easily create a hard drive shortcut on the taskbar . But of course the icon is still from the “File Explorer” so we can always change the icon to one of a Hard Drive, for this we will follow the following route:

  • Right click>Properties>Change Icon.

Now we must put the following where it says “Search Icons in this File”:

  • C:Windowssystem32imageres.dll

In this way we will have access to more icons and we will be able to choose one of a disk drive. Finally we will click on “Accept” .

Pin A Storage Drive To The Windows Taskbar

Now we will only have to give the right mouse button and select the section that says “Pin to the Taskbar” .

And ready in this way we can create a shortcut to a hard drive on the taskbar in Windows 10 .

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