Pixia, a digital painting program

Since Photoshop and programs like it appeared in the suggestive realm of image retouching , a host of applications have sprung up for the same function. One of the best known is Pixia , a free application of Japanese origin, which has nothing to envy to others considered professional. It has been with us for quite some time now, in fact we have already talked about it here on other occasions, and today we are doing it again after having been recently updated.

A great graphics editor: Pixia

It’s a photo editing application that plays with all kinds of images, in shades of gray and in color. It includes most of the typical functions. It supports masks and layers, among many other options. Allows customization of brushes, including the ability to also add images as brushes.

On the support and download website you can find several tutorials (in English) that explain, in detail, the use of the application and all the elements that make it up. There are also two image galleries, those created by the author of the application and those that correspond to a well-known user of the program. Likewise, accessible from the Addons menu , there is a complete list of accesses to various elements: links, filters and accessories, among others.

Simple and complete interface

Its interface is very complete and very easy to use, it is designed for both beginners and expert users. It is fully compatible with the most commonly used editing techniques. This new version continues to use OpenGL, implemented in previous versions, which produces a noticeable improvement in processing speed.

The new installer includes three programs, one designed for the latest versions of Windows in 32-bit environments, another for 64-bit environments, and a third that will install the appropriate program for each version of Windows.

To consider

The makers of the app tell us the following about the app: « Pixia offers a lightweight painting environment for digital painting and artwork of all kinds! Unlike other digital painting and editing tools, Pixia strips away bloatware features, leaving a fast, focused environment that ensures you can paint without any distractions .”

access and download

Pixia is free software that can be used for free for non-commercial purposes, which works, as we have already pointed out, in the latest versions of Windows. To get the application access Pixia . From the download section you can also install, as we have indicated, different filters.