Play Mario Kart Tour In Free Multiplayer Mode

You can now play Mario Kart Tour with friends online for free without having to buy the “Golden Pass” , to enjoy this title in multiplayer mode you only have to meet a series of requirements, which, from The MrAppsGeek we will give you to know below.

Can Mario Kart Tour be played in multiplayer?

Yes, in Mario Kart Tour you can play with friends , but we must meet a series of basic requirements.


  • Have a Smartphone .
  • Have an Internet connection either WiFi or Data .
  • Win the Mario Cup .
  • Have GPS activated (not mandatory but recommended to play with other users in your area and improve LAG).

How to Play Mario Kart Tour With Friends

To play Mario Kart Tour with my friends we must enter the “Multiplayer” tab which is in the lower left part of the main screen of the game.

A window will appear asking us if we want to activate the location in Mario Kart Tour with 3 available options:

  1. Always Allow (Not Recommended).
  2. Allow if the app is in use (Recommended).
  3. Deny.

It should be noted that the use of GPS in Mario Kart Tour is not mandatory , however it will help us locate nearby players and therefore improve our gaming experience.

How to Play Mario Kart Tour Online With Friends

To play a few games of Mario Kart Tour with friends and players close to our position, we will click on “Create Room” , as in the photo.

On the next screen we can establish the rules of the race which would be the following:

  • Category: 50cc, 100cc, 150cc.
  • Object slots.
  • CPU Runners: Bots will be used to fill in the missing real online players.
  • Finally we click on “Accept” .

How to Play Multiplayer in Mario Kart Tour

To play with other players worldwide in Mario Kart Tour without using “Golden Pass” we must hit Normal Race , which will allow us to enter a game very quickly with the only limitation that it has “Daily Rules” that cannot be changed . change.

We will have to be patient and in a few seconds players from all over the world will be added to the online race .

And in this way we can play Mario Kart Tour in multiplayer mode without bots , if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, that would help me a lot. Thank you!