Post On Instagram WITHOUT ALLOWING Comments

Publishing on Instagram without allowing comments is possible and from MrAppsGeek we are going to show you how it is done quickly and easily . In this way you can make publications on Instagram by blocking the comment option .

What Is The Purpose Of Blocking The Option To Comment On Instagram?

With this option we will hide the possibility of leaving comments on an Instagram post . Basically what we will achieve is to hide the comment icon  located between the “Like” and “Share” button. This way you can prevent other people from leaving comments on an Instagram post .

How to Block Comments on an Instagram Post

The first thing you should do is post normally on Instagram . To do this, all we have to do is click on the “+” icon located at the bottom of the app.

Now we will take a photo or simply choose one from our gallery. Once selected we will click on “Next” , as in the photo.

Now just before publishing what we will do is enter “Advanced Settings” , as in the photo.

Closing Comments On An Instagram Post

Within “Advanced Settings” we will notice that there is a tab that says “Disable Comments” , we will enable it to block them .

This will remove the option to comment on an Instagram post . It should be noted that this option will only block comments on this specific publication if you want to block all comments it can be done directly from the “General Settings” of the application.

If you have any questions about how to post on Instagram without allowing comments, you can always contact me below the post, I will try to answer. Do not forget that you have at your disposal the different social network buttons to share this content, please, that would help me a lot.