Prevent a User from Changing their Password in Windows 10

As a Windows 10 user, you should know that this operating system offers you several options to log in. In fact, it allows us to identify ourselves with our fingerprint , PIN and of course password . As a general rule, to protect our equipment we usually use a PIN or a password. The only problem is that someone you trust has access to one of these passwords, so it would be convenient to know how to prevent a user from changing the password in Windows 10 . In this way we can prevent another user from changing access to our PC .

Why is it necessary to know how to block password change in Windows 10?

As a general rule, it is normal to share the password we use to access the PC with another user. However, it is possible that to access certain functions or advanced applications of the system we use a different user account, an account in which we may share a password with this other person. So it would be very convenient to know how to block the password change in Windows 10 to prevent other users from modifying it and in this way we continue to have control of access to the computer with said user account.

How to prevent changing the user password in Windows 10 2023

To avoid changing the user password in Windows 10 we must go to the Start button and press the right button. In this way, a menu will appear in which we must enter Windows PowerShell (Administrator) which is the “Command Prompt” .

Once inside, to prevent the password change by a user in Windows 10 , we must enter the following command (In “User Name” we will write the username in which we want to block the password change without quotes):

  • net user “username” /PasswordChg:No

For example, if the user we want to prevent the password from being changed is “Pepito” we will write the following:

  • net user Pepito /PasswordChg:No

Once we have written it, press Enter and that account will not have the possibility to modify its password.

How to Block User Password Change from Local System Policies in Windows 10 2023

If you have Windows 10 PRO, Enterprise or Education you can prevent a user from changing their password by following these steps:

  1. Press Windows + R and in “Run” type the command lusrmgr.msc.
  2. Then we will click on “Accept” .

We look for the “Users” folder inside where it says “Local User and Groups” . We look for the username to block and select it with the right button and then click on “Properties” . Once inside “Properties” we do the following:

  1. We mark the tab that says “The user cannot change the password” .
  2. We click on “Accept” .

And in this simple way the user will not be able to modify the system access password .

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