Prisma, to turn photos into works of art on a mobile device

If we tried to display a list of all mobile apps that start and end with photos, we would have to spend several days on it. Due to the limitations that these devices offer when making touch-ups, most of these apps include all the necessary elements to make the changes easily and quickly, using filters and templates for it .

It is considered that Prisma , which we are talking about below, is one of the best apps , if not the best, of last year 2016. If it already occupied a prominent place, now, after its last update, a few days ago, it has been surpassed. Hence, Google and Apple had considered it as the application of the year 2016 for mobile devices.

What does Prisma offer?

It is, as you can imagine, a great application, designed for iOS and Android mobile devices, which allows you to turn any photograph into a true work of art. You just have to select the desired style or styles and occupy a small period of time to achieve what each one wants.

Prisma is a  free app , with the possibility of making purchases within it, which only needs a photo to take action. From there, the conversion process, as we have already indicated, does not require any effort.

To consider

After selecting the image, all you have to do is choose the desired style. The program uses what famous painters have contributed, such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan or Munk, among others.

Prisma will take care of transforming the photos into authentic works of art. It will also play with suggestive ornaments and patterns. The use of artificial intelligence will serve to convert the moment captured in a photo into an artistic piece that will surprise friends and acquaintances, both locals and strangers. For this there are, available to all who download and install the application, more than three hundred different styles.

In the most recent updates

In recent updates the following has been added:

  • The Store included in the app is presented .
  • You can download different collections of original styles and delete the styles that are no longer used.
  • Users who use the app regularly will have the opportunity to create their own styles and share them in the Store with those who use Prisma .
  • Those responsible for the site announce the release of a new style every day.


It is the best tool to create the image that serves to show everyone who accesses our Facebook and/or Instagram account how we would be if we posed before one of the indicated artists. They will believe, why not?, that you have been able to paint a remarkable picture. You will become an artist.


To get this application, both for iPhone, iPad and Android, you have to access Prisma and select the appropriate link to download.

It is a free app , as we have indicated, with the possibility of adding more features if we opt for the Premium version on iOS, or by making purchases within the application on Android.