Protect your computer with UVK (Ultra Virus Killer)

It is increasingly difficult to keep a computer free of infections, to protect the computer . There are a huge number of open doors and there are many users who are not careful when it comes to letting in foreign elements, the majority of which are harmful.

No one today owns a computer without an Internet connection. Everyone surfs the web and uses one or more email accounts as a means of personalized communication. If the proposals offered in both media are not studied and the easiest decision is made, clicking the left mouse button on the link that activates the invitation, there are many possibilities that the computer will be infected with all kinds of malware.

System protection tools

There are ways to avoid the evils caused by these wrong decisions. There are a few tools that deal with protecting and eliminating invasions of viruses, adware, spyware, and all kinds of malware .

Some of these tools offer specific solutions, such as antivirus programs or those that protect against the action of keyloggers, but there are also applications that encompass multiple actions, such as UVK (Ultra Virus Killer ) . A program that we had already talked about on other occasions and that today we bring back to the front page after having undergone an update.

What does UVK (Ultra Virus Killer) offer?

It is a program that emerged in 2010 in order to protect against viruses and carry out manual system repairs. Over time it has evolved, adding, for example, a repair method for DLL libraries. There are many other additions, highlighting the last two, the one that deals with reinforcing the system and the intelligent uninstaller . But above all the features one stands out, system repair .

To consider

It includes a large number of tools that deal with carrying out repair and maintenance actions. It also employs an automated malware removal method. It also offers a complete administration interface with personalized configurations, each one adapted to a user. System immunization is a new powerful section that prevents, among other things, registry changes attempted by malicious elements.

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

« An effective and comprehensive malware removal tool… All modules not mentioned above are related to malware detection and removal. The feature set is so large that even if you bundle several well-known tools like Process Explorer, Autoruns, HijackThis, and OTL, you’ll still be missing features like automatic adware removal, VirusTotal MD5 hash reporting, jumping to file or registry location with a single click, adding cmd batch scripts to UVK scripts, managing Windows services and drivers, etc., included within these modules .”


To get this application you have to access UVK (Ultra Virus Killer) . It is a free application that works, with the typical functions active, in the latest versions of Windows. To be able to activate all the functions you have to buy a license.