Q-Dir, to manage files and folders in Windows

Being able to easily manage files and folders in Windows is essential. If you are one of those who work with your computer using several applications at the same time, Q-Dir is the program you are looking for. It is a multi-panel explorer, which will allow you to quickly open four windows, each one with all the options of Windows Explorer .

In this way you can have several folders on the screen at the same time and exchange contents between them. For example, you can have your computer’s hard drive in one, the contents of a CD ROM in the second, the network folders in the third, and the contents of a USB drive in the last. File management offers a few added values.

What does Q-Dir offer?

But not only that, you can also use different colors for the encrypted files or for each window, use several columns, define shortcuts to folders and files, and some other options. You can also use the traditional system, drag and drop, although the new functions that the program offers you may make you give up on the classic.

It is also possible to export directory listings in various formats (.doc, .txt, .csv and .html). If you want,  Q-Dir does not need to be installed, since it offers a portable application. It is free and works on the latest versions of Windows. You can also use the installable version of the program.


In Q-Dir the following options stand out:

  • Quick access to the most used folders.
  • Possibility to adjust the preview of files, establishing the desired settings.
  • Allows the use of the clipboard , using the options to copy or cut and paste, as is done with Windows Explorer.
  • Selection of different views: large or small icons, lists, thumbnails or details.
  • Use of colors to distinguish the various elements.
  • Option to highlight certain files.
  • Quick folder selection.
  • Allows you to use multiple INI files to start the application.
  • Supports quick preview.
  • Simple and intuitive edition.

in the latest versions

In the latest versions, bugs have been fixed and new features have been added. So we can reflect the following:

  • General tuning and general optimization.
  • Updated Q-Dir settings for language files for the next build of Win 10.
  • Improvements in the Q-Dir Explorer, which shows lists of views.
  • Added a little fine tuning and general optimization.
  • Language files in Q-dir have been updated.


To get the application you have to access Q-Dir . It is a free application that works on the latest versions of Windows.

Today a new version of it has been presented. Remember that this is the ideal application intended to make your files and folders easy to manage, either by supporting the installable application or by using the portable program.