Q21 Trivia does not work and the application has stopped and that is precisely the reason that brought you to this blog of tutorials because you want to find a solution to continue earning money with this application . Well, don’t worry, below we will tell you how to fix Q12 has stopped easily and quickly .

Why Does It Tell Me That The Q12 Trivia App Has Stopped?

When an app says that it has stopped, it is because there are certain files of the application that have become corrupted and need to be updated . This usually has a lot to do with application cache issues . Below we explain how to solve it easily and quickly .

Q12 Trivia Doesn’t Work. How to fix it?

If Q12 Trivia has stopped , the first thing we should do to fix it is enter “Settings” on the phone.

Once in “Settings” we must look for the section that says “Applications and Notifications” , we enter inside.

We search among all the applications for the one that says “Q12” , once located, we press it .

Now within “Application information” we will see a menu with the following sections:

  • notifications.
  • permissions.
  • Storage.
  • Data usage.
  • Advanced.

Of all the options, the one that interests us to solve Q12 does not work is “Storage” , we enter inside.

Q12 Doesn’t Work Quick and Easy Solution

To solve the problem of Q12 has stopped we must “Clear Cache” and “Clear Storage” , in this way we will leave the application as it was from the factory . In other words, we will find it just as we had it the first time we downloaded it to our Smartphone . Obviously you will lose your progress so we will have to log in again with our account or make a complete Android backup .

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