Qustodio, a great free parental control app

Parents should control their children’s access to the Internet, especially when they are under 18 years of age. Sometimes, for many parents, it is difficult to carry out this control if they do not have the appropriate tools to carry it out successfully.

Despite the fact that current operating systems include parental control tools , it doesn’t hurt to resort to an external application, with more features. Qustodio is free software that takes care of monitoring your children’s online activity, closing access to pages and spaces that are not recommended, among other actions. Work efficiently on computers and mobile devices.

Qustodio takes care of guiding your son / daughter or sons / daughters through places that are not risky. If you browse social networks, the application will take care of monitoring all actions. Parents may review this information at any time. Qustodio gives you everything you need to control Internet connection time, forcing minors to respect the limits.

What does Qustodio offer?

It will prevent your child or children from being deceived, especially in their trips through social networks and other services. You only have to indicate, in the configuration process, the guidelines that Qustodio has to control , marking a higher or lower level of security.

Qustodio is therefore capable of managing the time your children spend on the Internet, monitoring their travels on the Internet, knowing when your child is communicating online, blocking dangerous websites, and other risky actions.

To consider

It is a very easy to use program, anyone can configure it without problems. Allows management from anywhere. As we have already indicated, it is ideal for protecting the activity of minors on social networks, avoiding the risks that these services entail. The management panel is clear and intuitive, showing detailed reports on all activities.

On the Qustodio support page  they clearly indicate their reason for being: « The best free parental control application on the Internet. Designed to control and protect your child’s use of his/ her devices.


It is a free application, as we have indicated, that works on the latest versions of Windows and on macOS. There is also a version of the program for iOS and Android devices. To get the application for any of the indicated devices, you must access Qustodio . There is also a  Premium version of the program, with more features.