Reboot System Now What is it and what does it mean on Android?

Reboot System Now is one of the different options that we can find in recovery mode on our Android device . Accessing this mode is not easy, however it is possible that on some occasion your Smartphone has booted and you have accidentally accessed the recovery menu and want to know what Reboot System Now is and what it means . Well, let me tell you that today, in MrAppsGeek you will know the answer.

What is Reboot System Now in Android?

It is one of the many options that the recovery mode has, its function is nothing more than to exit this recovery menu and restart the system .

What does Reboot System Now mean in Spanish?

It could be translated in Spanish as “Reboot the system now” . In this way we can exit recovery mode and start our device normally.

Reboot System Now Erase Data ?

No , it will just restart the device normally , the only options that delete data are those of Wipe on Android here you have more information.

What happens if I put Reboot System Now ?

As we have commented above, the only thing you will force is to exit the recovery menu and reboot the system normally .

Reboot System Now Not Working

If you give this option and it does not restart the device , you can always force the terminal to shut down by holding down the power button for several seconds and then turning it back on.

In the case of rebooting the system and the recovery menu appears again or your Android device is in Bootloop , you will need to reinstall the operating system again .

How to Access Reboot System Now ?

To see this option we must enter the recovery menu , this may vary slightly depending on our terminal, operating system or brand of our device.

How to enter Recovery Mode?

There are many ways to enter this mode below we will see some depending on the brand of the device:


Volume down + power button until the logo appears.


Volume +, Volume – , Power button until the device boots.


We press the Volume + button and also the power button until the device boots.


Volume down + Home + Power until it turns on.


Turn on the mobile with volume + and when the Sony logo and the LED appear until the LED turns to another color.

Once inside we can choose this option using the volume buttons , in this way we can move in the menu.

If you still have doubts about what this option is for, you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget that your support is very important and I would really appreciate it if you shared this tutorial with your social networks , thank you very much!