Record Audio In Windows 10 WITHOUT PROGRAMS

Recording audio in Windows 10 without programs is a very simple process, as you can see below. The only requirement is a microphone with a 3.5 mm minijack connection and reading this tutorial that will only take you 2 minutes.

How to Record Audio with Microphone in Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system with many features and resources, you just have to take a look at its box of pre-installed applications to see how there are really useful programs. One of them is the PC voice recorder which will allow us to record audio in Windows 10 without the need for programs since it comes standard pre-installed in the operating system.

Record Internal Audio Windows 10 Without Programs

It’s as simple as:

  1. Go to “Start” and put “Voice Recorder” in the search engine .
  2. We enter «Voice Recorder» .

Connect Microphone To Record Audio From PC In Windows 10

Now we must connect a microphone to its corresponding port.

We will give “Yes” in the necessary permissions so that the Voice Recorder can use the microphone .

To record we can hit the microphone icon or use the following keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+R” .

We can pause or cancel the sound recording in Windows 10 by clicking on the corresponding icons.

Once we finish we can:

  1. Play recorded PC audio on Windows 10 .
  2. Or Record new sounds.

Can’t Record Audio in Windows 10

You may not be able to record sounds with the microphone with Windows 10 , this is basically because you have not connected the plug well in its input port. That is why I recommend that you read this tutorial to know how to  connect a microphone to the PC step by step .

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