Recover data on iPhone with Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

Today we cannot live without mobiles. They are already part of our lives. There are multiple moments of the day in which we are aware of our device examining the WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Without forgetting the essential thing, what gave life to mobile phones, telephone calls.

In the current market there are two groups of devices, those that work with Apple’s iOS operating system and those that work with Android. If at any time a mobile phone, a smartphone , fails and the stored data is lost, an application will have to be used to recover it.

Along these lines is the application that allows Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery , a complete tool for Windows that is capable of restoring lost messages, contacts, photos, videos and everything else, instantly.

If we have an Apple computer, a Mac, we can use the tool to recover data on the iOS device . It is an application similar to the one described in the previous paragraph that deals with recovering more than twenty types of deleted data on iPhone, iPad and iPod in a simple way.

Both one and the other work efficiently. Any user of an iOS device can use them without problems. Its simple interface is adapted to all types of users. With a few clicks you can get what you want.

How Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery works

The application offers three recovery modes. Thus it is possible to recover the data directly from the device that has lost them, from iTunes and also from a backup made in iCloud.

If for any reason data has been accidentally lost, with Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery it can be recovered without problems. But not only that, this way, if there has been a failure in an iOS update, everything can also be returned to its normal state, recovering everything that has been lost.

In this line of failures we can find occasional damage to the device, with a lost or blocked password, or with a failure caused by a jailbreak. If the device is stuck or not responding, we can also get it back up and running, even if the backup doesn’t work.

What happens if the device has suffered a virus attack? No problem. With Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery, everything will go back to its origins, eliminating the infection or infections. It will always be possible to return it to its factory state.

If the device has been lost or stolen, using Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery it is possible to recover all the data stored on it using iTunes backup.

Files that can be recovered

More than 20 types of files are included in the recovery list made possible by Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery . Thus it is possible to recover messages with their attachments, the call log, contacts, voice mails, photos and videos, notes, the calendar, the list of events collected in the calendar, Safari bookmarks, messages WhatsApp saves, and much more. As we can deduce, everything or almost everything that we have saved on the device, on the iPhone, iPad or iPod, is recoverable.

Data Recovery Ways

As we have already indicated previously, there are three ways to recover lost data on the device. These are:

  • Connecting the device to the computer via the USB port, scanning the device and recovering the lost data.
  • Using the copy stored in iTunes. With this it is possible to perform data recovery even if the device has been lost or stolen. This is valid for later use of this data on another device in the event that the original is not recovered.
  • The third option focuses on recovering data stored in an iCloud backup.


Among the features that make up this application, the following stand out:

  • Flexible Recovery : It is possible to recover all the missing data or only those that are considered necessary.
  • High recovery rate : Whether or not there is a backup of the data, the recovery reaches high levels, returning everything to its original state, to what existed before the loss.
  • Fast Recovery Speed ​​: The entire recovery process takes just a few minutes.
  • Full compatibility : The application is compatible with the latest models of iOS 13 and with iDevices.
  • Totally safe recovery : Existing data on the device will never be overwritten when recovering.
  • Free update for life : After purchasing the application, whenever an update of the application arises, it will be done free of charge.


Given all of the above, there can be no doubts about it. All those who have an iOS device, an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod, should have no doubts when purchasing the application that we review. With it you will always have your data protected.