Recover lost files with Glarysoft File Recovery Free

We have just lost one or more files, deleting them on our computer’s hard drive. We began to clean up in order to have more space and we deleted what we did not have to delete. What can we do to recover those lost files?

It is not the first time that we deal with the subject, we have already proposed more than one application that deals with this task. You only have to access Recover files to find the one that best suits your needs.

What does Glarysoft File Recovery Free offer?

Glarysoft File Recovery Free is an application that deals with the issue. It is a free and very easy to use tool, capable of working with FAT, NTFS and NTFS + EFS formats, which recovers all those files that have not been overwritten by others. Your work is very efficient. It not only focuses on normal files but is also capable of recovering compressed files and encrypted files. It also takes care of recovering them on removable drives.

Filters and search criteria

His work system is very efficient. Allows you to use various filters and search criteria before starting the disk analysis process. After locating the deleted files that can be recovered, the status of each one is displayed, with data that specifies the possibilities of returning to their original state.

Recovery of all types of files

The program is capable of recovering files deleted from the Recycle Bin , those that have been deleted after using the corresponding command in a DOS window, or those that have been deleted by mistake or accident. No matter the type and size. Work with documents, images, videos, spreadsheets, and more.

For all types of units

In addition to performing recovery on the hard drive(s) installed on the computer, it is also capable of working with SD cards, flash drives, and the like. The wizard included in its interface greatly helps in carrying out the recovery work.

To consider

As those responsible for Glarysoft File Recovery Free tell us , these are its most outstanding features:

  • Supports FAT, NTFS, NTFS + EFS file systems.
  • Supports recovery of NTFS compressed, fragmented and encrypted files.
  • Recover files on removable devices.
  • Filter by file name, file date, size, and recovery status.
  • Analyze the possibilities of recovery before carrying it out.


To get this application access Glarysoft File Recovery Free . As we have already indicated, it is a free application that works with the latest versions of Windows. It does not include any type of spyware or malware. There is a paid version of this application with more features. We refer to Glarysoft File Recovery Pro.