Reface, to create animated videos and gifs with your face

Applications that are capable of creating animated videos and gifs in an easy way are in fashion today. Social networks and messaging apps encourage their users to make decisions in this regard. Hence the success that these types of applications are having, especially those that work on mobile devices.

Reface , an app for iPhone and Android mobile phones, is defined as an ideal tool for creating animated videos and gifs . It offers a remarkable number of videos, gifs, photos and drawings to change the faces of those shown in an image.

What does Reface offer?

It is an app that constantly updates, especially adding new elements to the existing ones. So we can find in the list the possibility of changing faces, making fun photomontages, or getting super realistic videos and gifs.

Do not hesitate, download the app on your mobile and start using it. You will be able to cut and paste photos, replace your face with that of a famous person and become a new character that you have seen in extremely popular videos and movies on TV.

Reface Features

Among the features offered by Reface are the following:

  • Cut and paste your face to impersonate celebrities or movie characters with face swap technology .
  • Play with face swaps and change gender, go from male to female or the opposite.
  • Surprise yourself with the editor to change your face and make 3D photomontages.
  • Share your awesome face swap photo montage or funny meme as a gif or video on social media.
  • Merge faces with new videos and gifs posted and updated every day.

To consider

Those responsible for Reface tell us the following about the app :

« Create great animations with your face. Scare your friends. Joke with your teammates. Paste your face on the photo of your favorite superhero, pretend to be a TV star or a celebrity. Have fun with 3D face swapping and make a GIF with your favorite meme. Share it with your friends in videos, photos or gifs. Change your gender, transform your face and do amazing face blends with our face changer. Combine the photos thanks to this advanced editor and share your creation with the whole world .


To see the features of this application you have to access Reface . To download it for iPhone we must access the App Store . If we want it for an Android mobile phone we must access the Play Store . It is a free app that offers in-app purchases.