Remind, secure communication of teachers with students and parents

With this service, teachers will be able to send notices, among other elements, to their students and parents immediately, and with total security. It is an application for mobile devices, iOS and Android, not yet very well known in Spain, but widely used in other countries. The recipients, the students and parents, will never be able to know the teacher’s phone number, and the same happens with the teacher’s phone number for the students and parents.

And not only that, it is also possible to carry out a class with a maximum number of 150 participants in the free version. We clarify that video conferencing is possible, but instant communication is.

Immediate communication between teachers and students and parents

It is an application that offers a free plan and is used for the teacher to quickly send urgent information. As a teacher, you have to subscribe to the service and, in a matter of seconds, you will be able to send messages. These messages will be received by students and parents as SMS or through push communication . There is also the possibility of starting a chat. In these cases, students and parents must also have the application installed on their mobile devices. At any time it is possible to download the history of messages or chat.


And there are still more. It is also possible to schedule shipments. This way you can send the notification of an upcoming exam or any other activity, after activating it a few days before. And not only that, you can also attach files, send documents, images, presentations and much more. It is also possible to send a questionnaire and receive the answers from each student or each parent. You can also send voice messages.

The new

Some new features were included in the latest versions of the app . These are:

  • Teachers can initiate a chat with a student or parent.
  • Teachers can set office hours to manage communication.
  • Teachers, students and parents can easily pause/resume conversations.
  • Chat histories and announcements are available, as well as new reporting tools for security purposes.
  • Communication in real time, with any device.
  • Confidentiality of personal contact data.
  • Translation of messages into more than 90 languages.
  • Sharing of files, photos and content from favorite sites.


It is clear that this application offers great benefits for the educational community. It is also possible to see its features in Remind .

To get the app, you just have to search for it using the tool available to each mobile device and download it. It is also possible to view the features on each device by accessing the App Store or Google Play.