Remove Test Mode Windows 10 Build 16299

On some occasions it is possible that in our Windows 10 a watermark that says “Windows 10 Build 16299 Test Mode” appears in the lower right corner . This is quite annoying , and in most cases we do not know how “it got there”. But don’t worry, we are going to teach you how to remove the watermark from Windows 10 build 16299 test mode easily .

What is Windows 10 Build 16299 Test Mode?

Actually the “Windows 10 Build 16299 Test Mode”   is a security system of the operating system that prevents the programs that we install that are not digitally signed from accessing the Windows 10 kernel . In this way we will have our computer protected to the maximum.

Every time the Windows 10 Pro test mode sign appears, it means that we can install unsigned drivers on our PC from Microsoft . We will know that our PC has this mode activated because we will see in the lower right part a watermark that contains one of the following messages:

  • Windows 10 Pro Build 15063 Test Mode.
  • Windows 10 Home Build 10586 Test Mode.
  • Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 Test Mode.
  • Windows 10 Pro Build 16299 Test Mode.
  • Windows 10 Pro Build 14393 Test Mode.
  • Windows 10 Pro Build 17134 Test Mode.

All these variables are parts of the same problem and are solved in the same way , as you will see below.

15063, 10586, 17134

Removing test mode Windows 10 Build 16299 is child’s play, just follow these steps.

Access Cortana

Go to the bottom right at the start and search for “Cortana”.

Put “CMD” in the search engine and click on “Command Prompt” right click and click on “Run as administrator” .

Remove Banner Test Mode Windows 10 PRO

Now in the “Command Prompt” we must put the following:

  • bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF ” (without the quotes).

Once we press “Enter” we will be informed that the operation was completed correctly . Once we restart the computer, the Windows 10 Pro Build 16299,15063,10240 Test Mode warning will have disappeared. 

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