Remove the background of photos in macOS Ventura easily

We have one or more photos and we want to keep only what appears in the foreground. To remove the background we can resort to an application designed to edit images, or a more specific one, such as or Trace .

If we currently have a state-of-the-art Mac computer, with macOS Ventura as the operating system, we won’t need to resort to an external application, the system itself includes a tool designed to carry out the process.

To get what we want we do not need to carry out complicated actions. Any user can do it without problems. It is clear that it can only be done with computers that have the indicated version of the operating system installed, that is, macOS Ventura and we assume that, with the passage of time, any later one.

To consider

To remove the background, the image must be in JPG or PNG format. The normal thing is that the photo shows a person located in a certain place and that its position is perfectly delimited. If not, the process will not take place. In the event that we have doubts, it is best to test if we can carry out what we want.

The system used is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence), so it is important to take into account what we have indicated in the previous paragraph. Thus we will obtain a new image without the background that the photo had, highlighting in it the character that makes it up or another element with similar characteristics.

If we look at the image that appears in the header of the article, we will see that after carrying out the background removal process we will obtain the one shown below:

How to remove the background?

We will have to, within our Mac computer, access the Finder and open the folder in which we have saved the image to be retouched. From there we must do the following:

  • Click the right mouse button on the image.
  • We select the Quick actions menu and, within the submenus that are displayed, Remove background , and click on it.

We will see that a new image is immediately created in which the background has been removed, as we see in the one that appears above. Its format is PNG.


As we can see the method is very simple. In addition, it is not necessary to use an external application. Although, it is evident, that the results are not perfect, they can help us to achieve what we want on multiple occasions.