Repair the operating system using Windows Repair

If we need help to repair the Windows operating system, it is best to resort to an application that takes care of carrying out all the work. From a tool that not only locates errors or mismatches but also that I do what is necessary to correct them.

All operating systems, with Windows in the lead, experience from time to time problems caused by configuration failures that have undergone unwanted changes. Windows Repair is a powerful system repair tool , an application that takes care of correcting these problems by restoring the settings to their original state.

It is not designed to solve specific failures but to do so with typical errors that arise after the installation of certain applications or updates . It is a free application, also with a paid PRO version, which works on all versions of Windows.

very easy to use

When you do not have great computer knowledge, it is appreciated that the tools used facilitate the work for a perfect development. The application that we present to you now uses an assistant that takes us step by step to repair the errors detected in our computer’s operating system.

Thus, it recommends the use of CheckDisk , it helps us to repair corrupt files and to create a restore point. To run the program you can choose the basic mode, or the custom or advanced system, and start with the repair.

What does Windows Repair do ?

Among the fixes it performs are: reset file and registry permissions, log system files, WMI repair, firewall tweaks, Internet Explorer and Edge repair, MDAC repair, Jet EM repair, hosts file repair , remove data left by certain infections, repair icons, clear DNS cache, fix proxy issues , among many other possible fixes.


These are all, or almost all, of the features that grace the program:

  • Reset registry permissions.
  • Reset file permissions.
  • Register system files.
  • Repair WMI.
  • Repair Windows Firewall.
  • Repair Internet Explorer and/or Microsoft Edge.
  • Repair MDAC and Jet MS.
  • Repair Hosts.
  • Remove the remains of infections.
  • Repair icons.
  • Repair Winsock and DNS cache.
  • Delete temporary files.
  • Repair proxy settings.
  • Show System Files.
  • Repair incorrectly installed Windows updates that prevent new updates.
  • Repair and recover CD and DVD drives, when they do not work or are not referenced in the system.


To get the application you have to access Windows Repair . There is an installable version and a portable version. In addition to the free version, there is another PRO version, as we have already indicated, that offers more features. They all work flawlessly on the latest versions of Windows. An update of the free and PRO version has come out today.