Rufus, to create bootable OS USB drives

On more than one occasion the computer does not start due to one or several failures. In order to solve this problem there is the possibility of creating USB drives that allow the operating system to start. Rufus is an open source application that allows you to use USB drives to create bootable drives with Windows, Linux, UEFI and other operating systems.

It is an application that offers a very simple interface. In it you just have to indicate the right tools to get what you want. It is very suitable for creating installation media for the systems that we have indicated within a Windows computer, from an ISO.

How does Rufus work?

You just have to access the page indicated below and proceed to download Rufus . It is an executable file that does not require the installation of an application on the computer, you just have to click on it for it to take action.

When doing what we have indicated, a screen will be displayed in which several configuration options appear. These are:

  • Drive properties : device on which to install or reboot the system, choose the boot method, select the partition scheme, and indicate the target system (can be BIOS or UEFI ).
  • Formatting options : specify the volume label, indicate the file system and the size of the cluster.
  • After indicating the above, all you have to do is click on the Start button to start the process.

To consider

One of Rufus’ most useful features is its ability to automatically populate the USB stick with the information you’ve backed up in the image file. This way you can create multiple ISO images of hard drive partitions running the operating system of your choice, and easily copy those ISOs and make them portable in just a few minutes.

You just have to see the number of ISO formats supported by Rufus to discover its great features. All the work done by him is done at high speed. It is an application that works without problems in the latest versions of Windows.

Although there are other applications for creating bootable disks, such as Yumi , this one is ideal for solving specific problems in a simple way.


To get this application you have to access Rufus . It is a free open source application, which among the languages ​​it supports includes Spanish.