Would you like to follow the route of Santa Claus minute by minute with Google Earth ? Well, Google makes it easy for you since, as it has been a Christmas tradition , for yet another year it has made the Santa Tracker application available to us . That is why I invite you to enter MrAppsGeek to learn more about this nice initiative from Google.

What is Google Santa Tracker and what is it for?

It is an initiative by Google so that we can know the route of Santa Claus live thanks to Google Maps . It should be noted that the tracking of Santa Claus by Google Maps will be activated on December 25 , however we will have a regressive countdown in the upper right part of the screen. To make the wait more enjoyable we will have games with Christmas elves of all kinds in Santa Claus’s village , so fun is guaranteed!

How to Access Google Santa Tracker In Spanish

We have 2 ways to enter the Santa Claus Village , from the application (only available on Android) and from the official Google Santa Tracker website , then I will leave you the two access ways:

  • Download the app to see Santa’s tour Here 
  • Enter Santa Claus Village from PC Here 

Google Santa Tracker Games

Once we are inside we will see on the top right the days that remain until the option “Follow Santa Claus” is activated . But don’t worry, to make the wait more enjoyable we can play many Christmas games , for this we will click on “Play” .

Once inside we will see a multitude of Follow Santa Claus games for children (although to be honest I spent yesterday afternoon getting addicted ). Some of the most famous games are:

  • Ball fight in the snow.
  • Create an Elf.
  • Elf propelled.
  • Guide the ball.
  • Christmas painting.
  • Wind tunnel.

And many many more, every day that Christmas approaches they will add more games to Google Santa Tracker , so be sure to visit this website!

Where is Santa Claus?

In particular, one of the ones I like the most is “Where is Santa Claus?” , this game reminds me a lot of the collectible books of “Where is Wally” in which we had to find a charismatic character among a landscape full of details. Well, this game works in the same way, since we will have to find Santa Claus in the crowd and it is not an easy task.

See Santa’s Tour Around the World

Once the countdown reaches 0 (December 25) we will be able to see Santa’s journey in real time through these continents: Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa, America .

If you have any questions about how to see Santa Claus’s route live on Google Maps, you can leave me a comment. I remind you that you have the social network buttons at your disposal to share this content, that helps me a lot… Merry Christmas!