Sanvello, helps to overcome stress, anxiety and depression

They have always been there, but the times we live in cause more cases of stress, anxiety and depression . Most of those who suffer from any or all of these ills go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist in order to solve them. In most cases the solution is based on medication accompanied by certain measures linked to behavior.

Sanvello is an app for iOS and Android devices that offers clinical support techniques and methods aimed at reducing or correcting specified ailments. To do this, it uses a health plan in which a series of measures are implemented to achieve said correction.

In each case, Sanvello activates an action plan. Each person is unique, so you have to find what best suits your life and your mind. In the series of tools and resources offered by this application there will always be one or more that adapt to each person and situation. The ideal is to start when the first symptoms appear and continue with the subject as the disease progresses.

With Sanvello we will always have the tools to help relax, change perspective or face stressful situations. To do this, the mood and health activities must be recorded in the application on a day-to-day basis to achieve behavioral guidelines.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and other techniques serve to provide the necessary help in order to achieve a life free of frustrations, of moments in which we feel without spirit. It will be possible to control the weather and not let it subject us to its whims.

In Sanvello there is a great community that helps some to help others. Personal communication is the best therapy. Sharing personal stories and insights on different topics is excellent therapy.

What does Sanvello offer?

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about what we will get about it:

Daily Mood Tracker: The first step in the Sanvello journey is a simple daily question that allows you to record your current mood and assess your progress.

Guided Journeys – Guided Journeys are immersive experiences that put the power of CBT to work. Each trip is progressive, which will help you feel better and have more control over your emotions over time.

Tools : Sanvello offers quick access to coping solutions and personalized symptom treatment tools when you need them most: a moment to relax, meditate, exercise mindfulness or cope with a stressful situation.

Assessments – Without labels or judgements, Sanvello offers professional third-party assessments to help you better understand your progress, which is a critical part of the path to improvement.

Community : you are not alone. One of the main advantages of Sanvello is the enthusiastic peer-to-peer support community, where users share their ideas and support each other anonymously.


Sanvello is a free app that offers in-app purchases. To have the application for iOS devices you must access the App Store . For Android devices we must access Google Play.