Scanner Mini, free PDF document scanner for iPhone and iPad

It happens on several occasions. We urgently need to send a copy of a page from a book, an advertising brochure, the article we are reading in the newspaper, or any item with similar characteristics, but we only have our mobile phone at hand. What can we do?

We are not content with taking a photograph, we want something more. The best thing to do is to turn to Scanner Mini , a free app that works smoothly on iOS devices, capable of scanning whatever you want anytime, anywhere .

What does Scanner Mini offer?

With this simple application you will be able to scan any document using your iPhone or iPad. If you have just read a document that you would like to keep, but you do not have a scanner at hand, use your mobile device to do so. Everything you scan will be saved and organized, having all the documents at your disposal whenever you need them.

Those responsible for this application tell us about it: « Easily convert paper to PDF with your iPhone and iPad. Scan receipts, books, cards, invoices and other documents. It will only take you a few steps .”

Scanner Mini converts an image, obtained with your device’s camera, into a document, using original technology. The application is capable of detecting edges, removing shadows, and correcting perspective.

The entire process is carried out quickly, in a few seconds, obtaining a PDF document that borders on perfection. It is capable of scanning receipts and invoices, business reports and contracts, books and magazines, everything that contains text and images, as we have already indicated.

Whenever you perform a scan you should do it in an environment that has sufficient light. It is convenient that the document to be scanned is perfectly seated on a horizontal surface. You can, using the + button, carry out continuous scanning of several documents. In addition, the application allows you to edit and save again what you have previously scanned.

Features of ScannerMini

Among the features of Scanner Mini are the following:

  • Advanced Image Processing – Create great documents with original images, stamps, and signatures. Scanner Mini will detect edges in real time, correcting for distortion and geometry. You can also adjust the crop area manually by touching on the screen.
  • Makes organization easy : Your scans are automatically organized into useful categories: invoices, receipts, books or magazines, cards, forms, etc.
  • Annotate your scans : You can draw, write, and highlight text on your scans right in Scanner Mini without having to go to another app .
  • iCloud on all your devices : Access your scanned documents on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Scan on your iPhone or iPad and it’ll be uploaded to iCloud Drive automatically.


To get this application you have to access Scanner Mini , within the App Store . Although it is possible to work perfectly with the free application, if you want to obtain more functions, there are a series of small packages included within the app that you can buy, or use Scanner Pro . Supported languages ​​include Spanish.