Searching for a lost file in Windows 10 is easier than you think, in this tutorial I will explain what you should do step by step if you cannot locate a folder or file . Be careful!, in the event that you cannot find it, it is more than likely that you have deleted it by mistake , so I recommend that you go through this list of programs to recover deleted files . However, let’s not be “jinxed” and hopefully you will find your lost documents with this simple explanation.

How to Find a Lost File in Windows 10

To find a file in Windows 10 , the first thing we must do is press the “Start” button located in the lower left part of the screen. Once we enter we must look for “Cortana” , once located we enter inside.

Search File Content in Windows 10

To search for a file in Windows 10 we will have a complete panel that will help us locate any document. I have broken it down into 4 parts for ease of understanding.

  1. Here we write the name of the document, file or folder to locate in Windows 10 .
  2. This section shows the “Best Match” , we can click on it to view the document.
  3. Here we will have at our disposal the route where said document is located .
  4. In this section we can segment the search by: All, Applications, Email, Web or More .

How to Locate a File in Windows 10

In the event that we select the “More” section, we can segment the search for a document in Win 10 by:

  • Folders.
  • Setting.
  • documents. 
  • Photos.
  • Music.
  • People.
  • Videos.

As you have been able to verify, searching for a lost file in Windows 10 is an easy and simple process that will not take you more than 1 minute. If you found this tutorial useful, it would help me a lot if you share it with your social networks, that allows me to reach more people, thanks for all your support!