If you have come to this technology blog, it is because you would like to see La Mesa del Coronel online . Well, let me tell you that you have come to the right place, then I will teach you how to see the last chapter of La Mesa del Coronel Pedro Baños for free with Mitele in a completely legal way .

What is the Colonel’s Table?

La Mesa del Coronel is a new program by Cuatro, being the last television production by Íker Jiménez and Carmen Porter and produced by Alma Productora Audiovisual SL . This is a pioneering television program in which Army Colonel Pedro Baños exposes the different problems, situations and mysteries that exist in terms of mental manipulation, geopolitics, secrets and conspiracies .

The Colonel’s Table Premiere

The 1 episode of the 1 Season of La Mesa del Coronel was released on Sunday, September 8, 2019 and has had very good reviews from the audience.


The first program was broadcast on a Sunday at 10:45 p.m. A new schedule is pending to adapt it to the last Season of Fourth Millennium .

Official Twitter

What is the Official Twitter of La Mesa Del Coronel? , then I leave you the link of the official account .

Official Web

If you want to know more about this Cuatro program, here is its official website .

See The Table Of Colonel Pedro Baños Online With Mitele Free

Watching the 1 episode of the 1 Season of La Mesa del Coronel online for free with Mitele is very simple, in fact we have 2 ways to do it.

Download The Official Mitele Application

You can download the Mitele application to see La Mesa del Coronel online directly from your Smartphone or Tablet directly from the following link .

See The Colonel’s Table From The Mitele Page

In this tutorial we will focus on seeing the program through the official Mitele page , for this, the first thing we must do is access the official website from the following link .

Once inside we must go to the page search engine which is in the lower left corner.

Once inside we must write the following:

  • See the colonel’s table.

Several searches will appear, the one that interests us is the one that says “La Mesa Del Coronel Season 1” , we enter inside.

See Last Program of the Colonel’s Table Online

Here we will see that all the seasons and chapters of this television program appear . To see the last program of La Mesa del Coronel we select the last program broadcast of the last season and click where it says “See Program” .

A screen like this will appear in which we will only have to press the “Play” symbol , remember not to use ad blockers otherwise you will not be able to access the content.

And in this simple way you can see La Mesa del Coronel 1×01 for free with Mitele .

If you have any questions about how to watch this program you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Don’t forget to share this article with your social networks , please, that would help me a lot. Thank you!