Send Anywhere, to send files anywhere

Today the cloud is used as a method or system for sharing files or content. But there are other ways to do it. Send Anywhere is a service, an application, focused on the exchange between different platforms that allows users to share content peer-to-peer in real time. It does it directly, without it being necessary to use, in principle, any cloud service.

It is an application that allows you to send files of any type and size, with no limit to the number of shipments, using computers and mobile devices. For this, the P2P protocol is used, as we have indicated.

What does Send Anywhere offer?

The transfer system is fast and safe. In addition, to use it, no registration is necessary. You only have to use a six-digit code that is used to synchronize the sending and receiving devices.

The file transfer takes place in real time, without any waiting. To share the files, a link is created, which will allow not one but several people to receive them. What you do have to do is carry out the download within the time limit set by the service.

It also allows sending files from one device to another, with the receiver set beforehand. With this system it is not necessary to resort to a link or a six-digit password to complete the process.

Another option that Send Anywhere offers is the ability to attach large files to email messages. To do this, you just have to install, among other possibilities, the extension offered in Google Chrome.

To consider

Those responsible for Send Anywhere tell us the following about this application:

« Send Anywhere is a file sharing app that takes an easy, fast and limitless approach to file sharing. Cloud storage or sharing services often offer the promise of unlimited file storage and sharing, but their speed and usability are compromised. Send Anywhere is for anyone who wants to share quality content, fast, from any device to anyone in the world .”

Send Anywhere is a free application that also offers a paid version with more features, including storage in the cloud, which means that the contents are kept for as long as we want to be shared.


To get this application you have to access Send Anywhere . We will be able to download for computers with macOS, with Windows and with Linux. There are also versions of the app for iOS and Android devices, as well as extensions for Google Chrome and other systems, including WordPress.