Send content between devices with SHAREit

Moving content from one device to another is something that is done frequently. SHAREit is a free application for Windows and macOS, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices, that allows you to send photos, videos, music files, documents of all kinds, and even folders with all their content, between computers and mobile devices.

It carries out its work quickly, without the need for the use of cables. All work is carried out through a wireless connection. The program takes care of finding out which devices are in the same range to carry out the transfer.

Ideal for making backup copies of mobile photos on the PC

This is one of the most prominent features. With relative frequency we take photos with our mobile phone and we want to transfer them to our computer. Although we can use the cloud to store them and, as a consequence, download them to any device, it is best to use SHAREit , since we can do it easily and quickly, without complications.

With a single touch it is possible to carry out a file transfer process in which security prevails. This will avoid excessively loading the phone with photos and videos, since after making the transfer to the computer they can already be deleted on the mobile device.

remote viewing

At a certain moment we want to show a photo, a video or a document on our smartphone . What can we do if it is not stored on the mobile device? The best thing to do is to resort to SHAREit , since with this application we will be able to connect the mobile with the computer and locate what we want on the latter.

An interesting feature that this application offers is the ability to pass, on a mobile phone or a tablet , the slides of a presentation stored on the computer.

We are in a meeting and we need to show a video, an image, a document, or any other type of file, to everyone present. We are connected to a screen through our laptop, but the item we want to show is not on the laptop, it is on another computer. With SHAREit we establish the connection and… everything is sewing and singing.

To consider

As we have seen, it is not simply an application for transferring files between devices, but it is also capable of viewing them. So it is possible to watch a video in HD on our tablet , even if the video is stored on our PC. No matter what format the video is in, SHAREit supports all or almost all of them.

If we have music stored on our computer, we can also use SHAREit to listen to it in high quality on it or on another of the connected devices. We will do it online but without an internet connection. The music player included in this application is very elegant and offers great features.

If we want to design an animated GIF, we only need to have the images that will make it up. We will have the wallpaper that supports it and the sticker that serve as constructors. The result can be easily shared.


To get this interesting application you have to access SHAREit . You just have to indicate if you want to download it for Windows, macOS, Android or iOS. As we have indicated, it is a free tool that also offers a paid version with more features.