Sending a FAX was a very useful way of sending graphic documents to an institution or a company , for example if we were on sick leave we could present the sick leave by FAX without having to physically move . The only drawback of this technology is that we needed a device that could offer us this service. The good thing about technology is that now we can send FAXes from Gmail over the Internet for FREE from home and we will only need a computer, stay until the end of the article to see how it is done.

What is a fax and what is it for?

If you want to send graphic documentation to an institution, company, hospital or school , the most used method is sending FAX . In this way we can present graphic information without going to the place where we have to present the papers.

Send FAX From Gmail

To send a FAX over the Internet we will have to use the Google Chrome browser and install an extension called WiseFAX .

Download WiseFAX

To send a FAX over the Internet from the PC we must install WiseFAX from the following link .

Ok, we already have the WiseFAX extension installed , now to send a FREE Internet FAX the first thing we must do is select the WiseFAX extension and we will see that a window will open in our browser that will say the following:   “Select the document you want to send by Fax” . The only thing we will have to do is either drag the document or search the hard drive for the file we want to send a FREE Internet FAX .

We will have to select the pages we want to send FAX online from Gmail . Then we will click on “Continue”.

Finally to send FAX from Gmail we must fill in the following fields:

  1. Country.
  2. Fax number.
  3. Continue.

And now we know how to send FAX from Gmail over the Internet for FREE .

If you have any questions about how to send FAX online , you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this content if it has been useful to you, please… that helps me a lot…