Send Location By Google Maps On Android In Real Time

I think that today we all know how to send location by Google Maps . And it is that sending the location of Google Maps by WhatsApp will have saved you once in a while from a setback, be it in a family gathering or with colleagues.

The problem with this system is that when I send my Google Maps location it does not allow the receiver to receive my location in real time . That is, imagine that you prepare a barbecue, okay? No matter how much you send the location , there will always be people who are late and you have to keep an eye on the phone to know how much they have left. This is very easily solved by sending the location through Google Maps since now we will be allowed the option of tracking in REAL TIME .

In this way you will be able to know exactly where your colleagues are and how long they have left to get to the barbecue, so you calculate the time to put the steaks on the grill .

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How to Send Location by Google Maps on Android in REAL TIME

Sending the location by Google Maps in real time is a very simple process. The first thing we have to do is check that we have the latest version of Google Maps . Once we make sure of it, we enter.

Send Google Maps Location By WhatsApp

Now to send our location in real time by Whatsapp or any social network we will do the following.

First we press our location (the blue dot).

Now we will see a small menu with several options, we will have to point to the one that says “share your location”.

Now it will give us two options to send our location by Google Maps in real time.

  1. Select a certain time to send Google Maps location in real time (save battery).
  2. Undetermined time (uses more battery by not determining the time).

If we choose the first option we can choose the time interval in which we will share our location in real time , so after that time it will be disconnected, this is ideal because it saves battery.

Now to send location by Google Maps from WhatsApp we select the icon of our favorite messaging client.

We select the WhatsApp contact to whom we want to send the location .

And… done! After the selected time our location will stop being shared .

In the case of choosing the second option, we will share the location in real time indefinitely.

This way only allows you to select contacts, nothing from social networks.

Video of How to Send Location by Google Maps in Real Time

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