Set An Animated Wallpaper Of The Chinese New Year

February 2023
is approaching and as always happens on these eves the Chinese New Year begins , which is why you may want to give your Smartphone an original touch according to these dates. Well, let me tell you that today in MrAppsGeek we will teach you how to put an animated wallpaper of the Chinese New Year 2023 so that you can theme your mobile device to match this festivity.

When does Chinese New Year start? 2023

Begins February 1, 2023 .

When Chinese New Year 2023 Ends

Ends on January 21, 2023 .

What Chinese year are we in 2023?

In the 4720 .

Download WallPaper With Movement Of The Chinese New Year 2023

You can install the best Chinese New Year live wallpapers application directly from the Play Store through the following link .

How to put a moving wallpaper of the Chinese New Year 2023

The first time we open the application we will see a preview of what this animated wallpaper would look like .

If we want to, we can customize the settings just above to the right on the gear button, although honestly the app has very few available options.

Once we have decided to install this Live Wallpaper we will give the option that says “Set Wallpaper” .

How to Add An Animated Background of Chinese New Year in Android 2023

On the next screen we will have 2 options available:

  1. Starting screen.
  2. Home and Lock screen.

I recommend using the Home and Lock option so that it also appears when we lock our device.

Finally, to remove this animated wallpaper, you just have to uninstall the application , it’s that simple.

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