Share screenshots with ShareX

In Windows it is possible to take screenshots directly with the tool included in the operating system, but if you don’t want to submit to its limitations, download and install ShareX , with which you will not only be able to capture but also share screens without complications.

You can capture all or part of your desktop, save it to your clipboard, hard drive, or upload it directly to over 25 file storage services, including Flickr, Imgur, ImageShack, Chevereto, Google Photos, Twitter, and more. others.

Capture and share the screen with ShareX

After making the capture, you are offered the After Capture option with which you can choose what you are going to do with the image, upload it to a hosting service or store it on your computer. It is possible to combine several actions.

There is also the possibility of inserting a watermark on the image. It also allows you to capture the entire screen, the active screen, a rectangular or polygonal area, or generate a self-capture, among other possibilities.

for social media

If you have selected the option to upload the image to a hosting service, the After Upload button offers the possibility of copying and pasting the access URL to it in order to publish it on social networks. This feature offers the use of a short URL, supporting services like,,,, or


Among the features that adorn this program we highlight the following:

  • It is a free, open source program that is free of advertisements.
  • It offers an advanced screen capture system, a screen recorder, a file sharing system and productivity tools.
  • Supports various screenshot methods: full screen, window, rectangle, and others.
  • After making a capture you can add annotations, effects, or watermarks, among other elements.
  • It supports hotkeys, drag and drop, or the inclusion in the Windows Explorer context menu.
  • It includes hosting services for the images obtained, as well as direct access to the cloud.
  • It offers various tools that are used to edit the images obtained in the captures.
  • There are other interesting options that will be discovered when using the program.

To consider

ShareX is more than just a screen capturer, it also allows you to use the indicated functions with any image or text stored on the clipboard. The program is also fully configurable, with which we can customize its actions, yes, carrying out the process with patience, investing the necessary time. These settings will be valid for subsequent uses.


ShareX is a free, open source application that works on the latest versions of Windows. To get it, access ShareX .