Sherpa Assistant, the virtual assistant that learns from you

We would all like to have a tool that would help us, at all times, to answer our questions, to set the guidelines to solve our problems, to discover what we should do to entertain ourselves, among other possibilities. Is there something capable of achieving it? Apparently yes, at least that is what Sherpa Assistant offers us , a personal assistant for iOS and Android devices, an application that boasts the phrase ” the app that learns from you and gives you all the information that interests you, without having to what to ask .” And he fulfills it to the letter.

What does Sherpa Assistant do?

The app is prepared to solve doubts of all kinds. It is capable of providing information about music, information about flights, about news of various kinds, and about everything that comes along.

Their work is based on what everyone does with their mobile device when connected to the Internet. When the user navigates through specialized pages and uses Google and other search engines in order to find what he wants, he takes time. Sherpa Assistant saves all the necessary information to, after using complex algorithms supported by Artificial Intelligence , show what each one wants at all times.

Other features

If we take a quick visit to the app’s support page, we find out what it’s capable of:

  • Sherpa has developed powerful Artificial Intelligence Algorithms based on probabilistic models to be able to predict the information you will need.
  • If you haven’t left the house yet and it’s raining, Sherpa recommends that you bring an umbrella. And if they put your favorite series on TV, he informs you when it starts. What’s your team’s game? Sherpa will notify you of the live result.
  • And the more you use it, the more it learns about you, because it privately manages the interactions, location and other series of inputs to give you the information that only you want to know at that moment.
  • As in most systems that are based on Artificial Intelligence , Sherpa works according to the following: Learning : Observes what the user does on their device and saves all the information it collects. Probabilistic models : To make the predictions, the algorithms feed on these models. Prediction : At all times the information that the owner of the mobile device needs will be displayed.


To get this app you have to access Sherpa . On the web you only have to select the application that corresponds to iOS devices or Android devices: Sherpa Assistant App .

It can also be downloaded directly from the mobile device by locating it in the download application after typing Sherpa Assistant App . It is a free tool that, among the languages ​​it supports, includes Spanish.