ShortPixel, to optimize images for the Web

All of us who manage a website know how important it is to optimize images. I think that it is not necessary for me to insist on it again, to talk about the importance of optimizing the images displayed on web pages, that they weigh as little as possible. This will significantly influence the display of the page in the web browser, since it will be done more quickly, investing less time in the loading process.

A little over three years ago we were talking here about Imagify , a WordPress plugin that deals with this optimization. Today we return to the topic talking about ShortPixel , a tool that aims to optimize images for the Web, which also offers a plugin for WordPress.

What does ShortPixel offer?

With ShortPixel it is very easy to increase the loading speed of any website. Its purpose is, as we have already indicated, to make the images weigh less without reducing their quality. The tool works on any type of web, using any content manager. You just have to create an account to start the program.

There are several plans. The free one allows the optimization of 100 images each month, without taking into account the weight of each image. It carries out the process automatically. For the conversion of a larger number of images, it is necessary to resort to a payment plan, whose prices range between $4.99 per month, for 5,000 images per month, and $29.99 per month, for 55,000 images per month. There are also plans focused on the total number of optimized images, without a monthly limit.

How to get the ShortPixel WordPress plugin

The WordPress plugin, ShortPixel Image Optimizer , is accessible from the CMS repository. Its purpose is, as we have already indicated, to automatically optimize the images that are uploaded to the web. It also optimizes documents in PDF format. It works smoothly on WooCommerce sites.

To consider

New images and those already in the Media Library can be optimized . The cap is also at 100 images per month in its free version. It supports all types of images, including animated GIFs. The originals are kept in a security folder in order to be restored when desired, should the case arise.

Access and installation

For its installation, you must follow the typical process, that is, access, within the  WordPress Administration Panel , Plugins -> Add new and, after locating the plugin, typing ShortPixel Image Optimizer in the search box, proceed to download it. and activation.

It can also be downloaded to your computer from the WordPress repository: ShortPixel Image Optimizer . For a system that does not use WordPress, you will have to access ShortPixel , the support website.