Sign in when password is forgotten

A few days ago a friend called me desperate because he had problems with his computer, he was not able to log into Windows after entering the password that he had always used. After thinking about it a lot, he discovered that her fourteen-year-old son had changed her. Worst of all is that the kid did not remember the one he had put.

I was quick to answer his call and, using traditional methods, got the computer to show the Windows desktop. If for any reason you are experiencing the same or similar problem, I recommend that you use a tool called  KON-BOOT .

What can we do with KON-BOOT?

KON-BOOT is a small tool initially designed for Linux, but it also works on Windows and macOS, capable of accessing the system as root or system administrator without needing to know the access password.

In addition to the version for each system, there is a package that includes both. You just need to download KON-BOOT and burn it to a CD or USB disk and boot the system from that drive, previously granting it, if you hadn’t already done so, that privilege in the BIOS.

It’s that easy, the rest is taken care of by the tool. Oh, don’t forget, when the system is working, to change the password again so that next time you can enter without problems.

To consider

Here’s what they tell us on the app’s support website: “ Kon-Boot is an app that will silently bypass the authentication process for Windows-based operating systems (as well as macOS). Without overwriting your old password! In other words, you can sign in to your Windows profile without knowing the password. Easy to use and excellent for technical repairs, data recovery and security audits. Fast, small and does the job! «

You already know, if you are desperate because you are not able to log in to your computer, use the application that we propose. It is not a free tool, we know, but it can be a solution to a serious problem.

How to get the tool

It is not a free application, it was at times, which costs $27 for a personal license. If we opt for the package that includes the applications for Windows and macOS, the price is $54.

It is one of the best that exists when for some reason the password to access the operating system has been forgotten or lost, and there is not enough knowledge to search for other systems, which also exist. To get it, in any of its versions, you have to access KON-BOOT .