Six applications to protect the computer

All computers are at risk, they are exposed to a large number of infections and other types of attacks, which can leave them damaged and even unusable. We have already spoken on several occasions about the risks that certain types of codes entail, as is the case of the one that falls under Ransomware , but there are other sources of damage.

That is why we make a series of proposals focused on avoiding them and correcting them, when they occur. We are referring to six applications of various kinds, from the one that helps us block websites with a dubious reputation to a virus protection system, going through a tool designed to eliminate malware, among other possible ones.

Is Windows Defender the best antivirus program for Windows 10?

We include it as the first on the list since for many users it is the best on the list. It comes included by default in Windows 10 and, according to recent studies, it is not necessary to install another antivirus to keep your computer completely healthy.

Microsoft explains that  Windows Defender  achieves the highest score in protection tests. Out of a maximum of 6 points this application got 5.5 in the total of performance tests. On this, those responsible for Microsoft have said: ” It outperforms the industry in almost all areas, and these results reflect the investments we made in optimizing Windows Defender AV performance for high-frequency actions .”

Block websites with DNS Angel

If the computer you have at home is also used by your children, it may be interesting to block disreputable websites. If you are responsible for the computer room of an educational center, the same thing happens, you must put all the means so that students do not access certain pages. DNS Angel is an application that allows you to automatically block all web content that is considered inappropriate for families, children or students in an educational center.

Advanced SystemCare, to speed up and optimize the PC

It is one of the most complicated issues, keeping the computer optimized and free of infections. There are a few applications that help achieve this, but few that are all-in-one. With  Advanced SystemCare Free  you will be able to protect, repair, clean and optimize your PC with a single click. Since 2006, there have been more than 250 million downloads of this program, which is among the essentials, which every user of a Windows computer must have installed on his computer.

McAfee Stinger, to detect and eliminate viruses in Windows

Having an antivirus application that can be carried from one place to another is necessary for most computer users. If you suspect that the computer in front of you may be infected with viruses and you don’t have the possibility of installing an antivirus, having McAfee Stinger at hand is not too much. It is a tool that you can use directly from, for example, a pen disk or USB disk in order to find out if a computer is infected. It takes care of checking it and, in most cases, eliminating the virus or viruses it detects.

Malwarebytes, to protect computers and mobile devices

It is very easy to use. Your computer can become infected with viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, dialers, spyware, and malware. It is increasingly difficult to detect them. Only by using sophisticated techniques can these nuisances be located and eliminated. Malwarebytes is a tool, in two versions, free and paid, that will help you protect your computer and clean it if it has been infected.

BitDefender Free Edition, a powerful antivirus protection

Despite the risks involved, there are still people who use their PC without any antivirus installed. Some say they are not willing to pay for a program that does not always prevent intruders from installing on their computers. It is clear that in computing, and in other fields, nothing is infallible, but, in the case that concerns us, being protected can avoid us trouble. If we don’t want to spend our money on an antivirus, we can download and install BitDefender Free Edition .