Six tools to edit and create PDF documents

It is one of the most used document formats. PDFs appear embedded in web pages and we receive them through email messages, among other possibilities.

The system devised by Adobe offers a large number of features that are not supported by other types of documents. In addition to including text, they also support the insertion of graphics and all kinds of images.

To enjoy all that PDF documents offer, it is necessary to have tools that allow their creation and editing. Below we make six proposals dedicated to this end. These are:

PDF Bob, an online PDF editor for everyone

Whenever we want to create or edit a document that has already been created, we can resort to a series of tools that serve to give it a special touch. Thus it is possible to add images in a large number of formats. It supports JPG, PNG or SVG, among others.

It is clear that the possibility of adding text in different types and styles is contemplated. It will always be possible to give it a special touch using the formats that best suit each document.

If we like to draw and we want to add drawings to the document, we can do it without problems. The included editor offers us that possibility. We can also add new shapes to the document.

PDF24 Creator, to create and convert documents to PDF format

It allows you to import scanned documents, combine several documents into one, as well as delete pages before converting or edit existing ones. The documents created can include a digital signature, they are completely secure, with high-quality results. You can preview the documents created and send them directly via email from the same program.

It is possible to drag and drop documents on the interface of the program or carry out the conversion by uploading any document and using the virtual printer. PDF24 Creator  is a free application that works on the latest versions of Windows. There is an online version of the program that can be integrated into web pages, just by installing the corresponding plugin. Among the languages ​​supported by the application is Spanish.

LottaTools, to edit PDF documents online

Although there are some free applications designed to modify PDF documents, the tool we are talking about now offers a series of options that we cannot find in the aforementioned applications. In addition, since it is an online tool, it does not require installing anything on the computer. Something to also keep in mind is that it is a free program.

Convert a web page to a PDF document with Web2PDF

Web2PDF  is an online application that allows you to convert a web page into a PDF document. Thus, it is possible to carry the content of one or several pages on a USB disk in order to show the contents in a conference or in a class, to show them to the people we want when there is no Internet connection available, or to share them. on websites, on social media or via email.

New design and new features for Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader  supports all standard features and integrates seamlessly with the browser. It also allows you to select, copy and paste portions of text from the open document. It supports the creation of snapshots of pages or parts of it, as well as the ability to fill in forms, among other options.

How to edit PDF easily and for free

With this application it is possible to edit PDF files without complications. It offers a complete panel of tools that allows, after accessing the appropriate option, to carry out any of the modifications supported by this type of document. Thus, its features include text modification, adding notes, writing, file protection, or page management, among other possibilities.