Smart Game Booster, to optimize the PC

For a proper functioning of the equipment it is necessary to optimize the PC . When we dedicate it to enjoying games with relative frequency, it is even more necessary to keep it in perfect working order. Hence the need to download and install an app like Game Booster .

More and more, especially young people, are using their computers to play. They use it as a substitute for video consoles. It is a very common form of entertainment.

There are great games created to be used on computers. Many of them require the PC to provide high performance as they consume a lot of resources. We know that there are computers specifically designed for gaming, but not all of them belong to this group. In any case, any equipment must be prepared so that it works perfectly when the game comes into action, whatever it is, as can be the case with zamba casino online .

Improvement and monitoring of FPS and CPU and GPU

The FPS or first-person shooter refers to first-person shooting. This is very common in a lot of games. Being able to have an FPS monitor will serve to improve this feature and examine it when the game is in action.

The central processing unit of a computer, the so-called CPU, is made up of a series of physical elements, collectively known as hardware, which are used to interpret the operation of any application. If it is made to work at high performance, excessive heating of the CPU occurs, hence the need to have software like the one we indicate, since it takes care of monitoring said temperature, as we can read in the best computer monitor. the cpu.

And not only that, the graphics components of the computer on which the game is being played, known as the GPU, must also be controlled for the same purpose: to prevent them from reaching high temperatures. If this check is not carried out, the computer may be damaged.

Better computer performance

If we are about to play on our computer without staging an application like the one indicated, the consequences can be fatal. With it we will also get the RAM memory to be released whenever possible. To do this, to prevent the computer from crashing, all you have to do is click on a button and the installed software will take care of freeing up system resources, cleaning RAM memory and disabling unnecessary startup items.

We have already indicated that Smart Game Booster takes care of overclocking the GPU, which results in a higher performance of it. With a single click it is capable of accelerating most Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

game organizer

And there are still more. Smart Game Booster also helps in organizing games from different publishers like Steam, Uplay and Origin. This is ideal for knowing at all times what you have on your computer and, as a consequence, selecting what you want.


It is clear that this application offers everything you need to enjoy games on your computer. It will prevent your computer from being overloaded, thus ensuring that the game you are enjoying does not slow down. This also has an impact on optimizing system configuration, freeing up space, improving computer performance and increasing Internet speed.