Smss.exe What is it ? It’s a virus ?

Are you taking a look at the list of processes on your PC and have you noticed one called Smss.exe and would you like to know what it is and if it is a virus ? Don’t worry, at MrAppsGeek we will answer your question quickly and easily.

What Is The Smss.exe Process And What Is It For?

Smss.exe stands for “Session Manager Subsystem” is a native Windows NT/2000/XP process that runs during operating system login. This process is responsible for the administration of the user session.

Is smss.exe a virus ?

No, under no circumstances does the Smss.exe process correspond to malware , viruses or Trojans since it is an essential process for the proper functioning of the operating system since it is responsible for creating, managing and deleting user sessions .

What Folder Is The Smss.exe File In ?

To find out the location of the Smss.exe process, the first thing we must do is use the following quick keyboard shortcut .

  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Once the “Task Manager” is open, we go to the “Details” tab and look for the smss.exe process .

  1. Right-click on the smss.exe process .
  2. And we click on “Open file location” .
  1. We go to the folder c:WindowsSystem32 .
  2. Here we will find the smss.exe file .

Can I Remove Smss.exe ?

This file has been developed by Microsoft so it is a legitimate and safe process. It is not at all recommended to remove it from the system since it could cause Windows to not work correctly since this file is in charge of managing user logins.

Now you know that it is a totally safe process and that you have nothing to worry about, anyway if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment. By the way, you can help other people by sharing this content with your social networks, in this way you can solve the doubt of other users…