Smule, to sing, record and create music videos

Are you a fan of karaoke, singing at parties and in specialized venues? If you want to expand the capabilities of your hobby, adding the possibility of showing your skills to your friends and acquaintances using your iOS device, an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple TV, or your Android devices, Smule is what you need .

It is a free app, with in-app purchases, that invites you to share your voice with people around the world. You will be able to form groups and get almost perfect recordings, after making the pertinent corrections.

What does Smule offer?

You have at your disposal a huge catalog of songs, constantly updated, belonging to well-known singers, among which are, I’m sure, many of your favorites. No matter the genre, they are all included, from pop to rock, classic melodies or hip-hop. New songs are added every day.

Get the song you want and sing along

You can make in- app purchases or sing along with other fans. If you’re really interested in a song that isn’t listed, you can suggest it on Smule’s Facebook page . Sing solo or join others in duets, trios, or more complex ensembles. You will always find someone. Use the filters that come with the program to get special effects.


The app has been updated two days ago. Among the features it offers we highlight the following:

  • The program takes care of getting the most out of your voice, which will sound like a star.
  • It includes an option that allows self-recording with video.
  • It allows you to share the recordings on social networks. It also supports inserting comments.
  • Those who use the app will be part of a global community, which includes a large number of karaoke fans.
  • Remember that you can act in duets and groups.

To consider

Those responsible for Smule tell us the following about this application:

« Do you love music? With Smule, you can sing and make music with friends and fans around the world! Karaoke alone or as a duet with people from all over the world. He sings duets with important artists like Ed Sheeran and Luis Fonsi. Sing a capella, alone or in a group. Dance or play to the greatest hits. Use audio effects and video filters while you sing your favorite karaoke songs. Try it free! «


To know all the features of this application, go to Smule . You can get it for free for iOS devices on the App Store . If you want it for an Android device, go to Google Play . Supported languages ​​include Spanish.