Some tools for music lovers

More and more people are using the Internet to satisfy their musical needs. They like music, relaxing listening to a melody, discovering new songs… For music lovers there are a few tools on the Internet that will help them. We have made a review of some of our proposals and we present it to you below.

All the music in your web browser

We resorted to Radiooooo . The operation is very simple. You just have to select a country on the map that is offered to you and mark the beginning year of the desired decade for a melody to start playing. After this first step you can make some adjustments in the set of buttons on the top left of the screen. Four different models can be selected: Slow, Fast, Weird or None. It is also possible to adjust the volume or stop listening. When a song ends, another song in the same range will begin to play, if we have not made a previous change.

Clementine, a great music player and organizer

Clementine is an Amarok-inspired application that relies on a fast and easy-to-use interface for browsing and playing music. The latest version of Clementine is compatible with allowing its remote control from Android devices. With it, it is also possible to directly store music in the cloud, in the Box , Dropbox , SkyDrive and Ubuntu One services . It also allows you to mark playlists with stars. It also supports the inclusion of podcasts, implemented in previous versions. Allows you to directly listen to music stored in Google Drive .

Enjoy free music online

On Jango , after signing up, you start searching for everything you like, the music that appeals to you. You will include it in your profile and start sharing it with others. You will see all those who at all times listen to what you are hearing. You will tune in to any of the songs that others are enjoying, communicate with them and discover what you know. Share what you hear on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you don’t want others to see you, you just have to find the artist you want and start enjoying their music. What are you waiting for?

Manage and play music with MusicBee

With MusicBee you will be able to organize and manage your music collection. You can browse by artist names, albums and genres or locate what you want based on the keywords used. Whenever you have a song with incomplete information, MusicBee will take care of searching the Internet for the necessary data to have everything that is missing to complete it. The application also allows you to listen to the music you have on your computer. It includes an intelligent reproduction system that allows the reproduction of all the new music that you have at your fingertips.

Discover music of all kinds with WhoSampled

A space for music. A place for the personal discovery of new artists and established artists, through different samples, album covers or remixes or mixes. Register on the site and create your profile. Talk to other people about the music you like. Contribute by adding new content. This is the philosophy of WhoSampled , collaboration is the essential aspect to ensure that the database is expanded with new contributions.

Locate music on YouTube with a hashtag

Well, on YouTube it is also possible to use a certain hashtag as search criteria . To do this, we must think of an artist and combine her name in a single word, in most cases made up of two or more words (sorry for the redundancy). Of course, as you surely know, the hashtag must have the hash symbol (#) in front of it. Thus, for example, if we want to carry out a search on the music of Alejandro Sanz, we must write #AlejandroSanz, without it being mandatory to capitalize the A and S.