Spy BHO Remover, to locate and remove malicious programs in Windows

More frequently than desired, we receive queries, via email, without disdaining the direct ones (in person) from friends and acquaintances, who ask us about how they can solve some other computer problem, especially those related to infections caused by malicious programs. It is always necessary to find out where the problem lies. Although most computers have an antivirus installed, it does not prevent, on specific occasions, these malicious programs from sneaking in.

How to locate and remove malicious programs in Windows

Web browsers, led by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge, are subject to attacks and infections that are difficult for non-computer-savvy users to detect. Internet Explorer BHOs ​​(Browser Helper Objects) can harbor suspicious and dangerous codes.

This feature is often being used by many spyware programs to monitor the user’s browsing habits and steal users’ credentials silently. Spy BHO Remover is an application that deals with evaluating the BHO and showing everything that alters its normal functioning.

heuristic system

The program uses a heuristic system that deals with analyzing everything that can be harmful, determining its level of risk, also providing an online threat verification mechanism that facilitates the differentiation between legitimate and malicious BHOs. From what it shows it is possible to access Virus TotalThreatExpert and  ProcessLibrary to decide if it is advisable or not to remove the code or reference. Shows complete information of each installed BHO.

Some features of Spy BHO Remover

The program offers a very easy to use interface, with color text highlighting. It allows you to remove or disable any of the BHOs, and from there, examine the results in the operation of the browser. It is a portable application (no installation required), which works on the latest versions of Windows and is free.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

Spy BHO Remover helps to quickly identify and remove BHO spies present in the system. It not only performs heuristics-based threat analysis, but also provides an  online threat verification mechanism  that makes it easy to differentiate between legitimate and malicious BHOs.

It also features ‘Backup and Restore’ feature   that makes it easy to remove and reinstall the BHO multiple times. Users no longer have to worry about accidentally deleting BHOs ​​as all deleted BHOs ​​are automatically backed up and can later be restored from the  ‘Deleted BHOs ​​List’ .


For more information about this tool and to download it, access Spy BHO Remover .