Spyware Terminator, to eliminate and prevent the action of spyware

One of the biggest threats to which our computers are subjected is the infection of adware and spyware, those little programs that penetrate the computer and fill it with pop-up windows with unwanted advertising, hijacking home pages in our browser web, unwanted access to unknown pages, loss of bandwidth in our Internet connection.

For some time we have had a free application available to us that prevents these intrusions. We already know that there are many similar applications , but this one offers the latest advances in detecting and removing spyware. This is Spyware Terminator Free .

What does Spyware Terminator Free offer?

It offers everything you need to be fully protected. It prevents, for example, a spy from installing and infecting your computer from a web page: it detects it before it executes the action. You have total protection in real time.

But it not only protects the computer against adware and spyware, but also implements antivirus protection, as well as everything necessary against any other type of malware. With the program installed you will be able, for example, to securely access online shopping websites without taking any risks.

Other features

Use your own database. Warns, when you request a URL, of the possible risks it may present in the event that it contains malicious scripts.

Another function that it offers, typical of similar programs, is automatic updating, with medicine for newly discovered and recognized malware. These updates are on a daily basis.

Avoid all kinds of intrusions that threaten security. One of its most relevant features is the inclusion of real-time protection and a host protection system (HIPS). It allows the performance of previously fixed analyzes as well as those that are requested on demand.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it: « Spyware can infect a computer without anyone knowing it. It can monitor web browsing habits, change computer settings or worse steal personal information, such as passwords and banking information. Unprotected computers can put personal privacy and identity at risk. Use effective antispyware for comprehensive detection, complete removal, and 24/7 prevention of Spyware threats .”


You can download the application for the latest versions of Windows from Spyware Terminator Free . If you want to get more features, after downloading and using the free version of the program, you can opt for the pro version .