Stellar Windows Phoenix® Data Recovery, to recover the system

It is something that happens frequently. There are many Windows users who complain that the computer does not work as it did at first. After certain adjustments or some updates, the failures begin to appear.

It is not the first time that, after activating a new user in the system, there are operating problems. It is not possible to enter the administrator password and access to certain accounts is impossible. A valid solution in most cases is to recover the system to a previous state, but it is not always effective.

What does Stellar Phoenix® Windows Data Recovery offer?

All versions of Windows include this recovery possibility but, as we have already indicated, it does not always work. For this reason, you have to resort to an external tool, such as Stellar Phoenix® Windows Data Recovery , an application focused on data recovery that adds complete options. Its benefits are very extensive and its performance is high.


Among the characteristics that distinguish this program are the following:

  • Recovers the operating system when it is impossible to restart the computer.
  • Recovers critical files from Windows hard drives and supports removable media. It works perfectly in data recovery on internal and external storage media.
  • The “ Rough Recovery ” feature allows you to smoothly recover severely damaged media files.
  • Recovers files from damaged optical devices.
  • Supports data recovery on RAID 5 drives.

To consider

Stellar Phoenix® Windows Data Recovery is not a free to use application with all its features. There is a restricted version valid for the recovery of a maximum of 1GB of data.

In all paid versions it offers the ability to download and try it for a certain period of time at no cost. In the new version of the application, presented not long ago, a small modification of the interface has been carried out, presenting a more intuitive and easy-to-use panel.

Depending on the use of the tool, you can choose the most appropriate version. In addition to the free one, there are five other versions, each one for specific purposes.

The makers of the app tell us the following about the app: “ Stellar has the right Windows recovery tool for all your data recovery needs. The latest version of the software is ideal for all data loss cases for all user groups. Depending on what you need, you will be able to choose any of the following three license versions: Home, Professional, and Technical .


To obtain and test the application in any of its versions, you must access Stellar Phoenix® Windows Data Recovery . It works on the latest versions of Windows and among the languages ​​it offers is Spanish.