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Would you like to know which are the best stock market applications ? In this way you can be aware of how your currencies are going in real time. That is why at MrAppsGeek we have decided to make a top with the best stock market apps , in this way you will be able to check live  how the financial market is going .

Trading Myths You Should Know

Many people believe that to invest in cryptocurrencies or in a financial market you need to have studies. Obviously, being prepared in the discipline of Trading will allow you to move more easily through the world of currencies . However, there are many myths about the stock market that you should know , which is why first of all I will leave you with the video of the Pinelo Trading channel , it will clear all your doubts in this regard, apart from that I advise you to subscribe to their channel from the following link . In this way you will be aware of how the currency market is going .

The Best Stock Market Apps

Next we will leave you with 3 stock market apps in real time in this way you can invest in the stock market without risk . In this way we will be able to gain trading experience, learn about the latest news in the financial market and start earning real money .


This is my favorite, because you can be aware of everything that happens in the financial markets , be it stocks, Forex, indices, cryptocurrencies . Besides, you can see the quotes in a graph to visualize them better. Not only that, you will also be up-to-date with everything that is happening in the field with many up-to-date news that will directly affect the Stock Market. Within the app you also have a news calendar where you will get the most important economic events of the moment so that you are aware of possible price movements , since there is news that can create a lot of volatility in the markets.

Download The Best Stock Market App

You can download one of the best stock market apps through their respective app stores:


For investment lovers, this app is super convenient to see everything that is happening in the markets, largely in the United States. Likewise, also visualize the price in a line chart .
What I would highlight most about the app is that you are informed at all times of what happens in the most important country financially speaking, such as the USA , since everything that happens there directly or indirectly affects the other stock markets in the world .

Download CNBC Free

You can download this stock market app from its corresponding Markets:

metatrader 4

To use this stock market app, you first have to have it connected to a Broker , once connected you will be able to see the price in a more “technical” way and you will be able to select any action, currency pair , for example the euro against the dollar, the Bitcoin or whatever you want. I recommend this app for someone who is more involved in the world of the Stock Market, although there are many brokers where you can create a simulation account to test how the Stock Market works before entering the world with real money .

Download Metatrader 4 Free

You can download this app to see the stock market in real time from its corresponding application store:

This top will continue to be updated with the best applications to invest in the stock market , so I recommend that you visit it from time to time. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks , that allows me to continue developing more works like this one…