Store the stories we like to see later

When you find, in your Internet travels, interesting pages or websites, you store them in the bookmarks or favorites section of your browser, or in an external service, such as Google Bookmarks. But sometimes you need to save the reference to a page that you find interesting to read it later, and you don’t want to include it in the group of your favorite pages.

To do this, it is best to use Pocket , a service that has been active for a long time, and that is designed so that you can see everything later. You can save articles, videos, and much more, everything you can think of. Those responsible for the service tell us clearly: when you find something you want to see later, save it to Pocket .

In your web browser

You can add the extension offered to your browser Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome or Safari. To access the tool you will have two new buttons on the toolbar and an option in the contextual menu that is activated by clicking the right mouse button on the browser.

From this option you can add the link to the current page to your new set of bookmarks. These are stored in a new folder, independent from the general one, the one that stores the browser’s bookmarks.


But Pocket doesn’t stop there, it also integrates with the most popular social networking sites to allow you to share interesting content with your friends and followers quickly and efficiently. It is a free extension that, in addition to working on any operating system with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, also offers a specific version for iPhone, iPad and Android. This way you can enjoy all the stored content whenever you want, even if you are not connected to the Internet.

On mobile devices

If you download the app for mobile devices you will be able to read and see everything you have saved in an easy and pleasant way, without distractions. In addition, you can configure the application to adapt the reading to your needs.

You will be able to find stories that interest you, recommended by Pocket after based on your interests, and by the users you follow. Also recommend to your followers what you consider interesting. You can also listen to saved articles using the text-to-speech option.


To start enjoying everything that this tool has to offer, go to Pocket . It starts with the registration process. You can do this using your Google account or by specifying an email address.

You can also download the app that corresponds to your device from the App Store or from Google Play . It is a free app that includes, for both iOS and Android, in-app purchases .