Strava, sports tracking application

Being able to monitor sports on a personal level is something to take into account. There are many young people, and not so young, included in the group of runners and cyclists. They go outdoors in order to get fit. They do it day by day or just from time to time.

We are in winter, there is still a little more than a month left until spring arrives. Despite this, there are many people who play sports now and throughout the year, and do it with satisfaction when the weather is good.

Some of these people get on a bicycle and begin every day, or almost every day, a vital journey. Others start running through typical places. They do it in order to learn and discover, and, above all, to do physical exercise that helps them stay in shape.

These amateur cyclists and runners will like, I am sure, Strava , an application for mobile devices, iOS and Android, which will allow them to monitor their runs and cycling trips using GPS. It also allows you to use a tool called Challenges , which is used to compare the activities carried out by a group of friends.

The activity of the cyclist

On a map, the activity of the cyclist and the runner will be shown, while recording. From the stored data it will be possible to find out the distance traveled, the pace and speed followed, the increase in altitude, and the calories consumed. It is also possible to collect information on heart rate, power and cadence, thanks to the performance of ANT+ and Bluetooth LE sensors.

the records

Self-love is something that distinguishes human beings, which is why we like to know what we are capable of and, if necessary, brag about it. With Strava it is possible to establish personal records, and compare them with those of friends and also with those of professional cyclists and runners.

Sharing on social networks and other services

The program, as occurs with most current apps , is capable of establishing communications with social networks, thus allowing activities to be shared on Facebook and Twitter. It is also possible to share photos on Instagram, as well as on the profile that each user creates on Strava . It also allows you to explore new places and follow known routes.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

« Everything is easier with the best sports tracking app. Strava turns your phone into a sophisticated computer for runners and cyclists. Activate Strava before you start an activity so you can track all your favorite parameters and analyze them later. The app is compatible with watches and other GPS devices .”

Free, with in-app purchases

The application is free, although you can make purchases within it to get more features. To know its characteristics and benefits, you can access Strava GPS .

It can be downloaded from the App Store , for iPhone and Apple Watch, and on Google Play , for Android devices. Spanish is included among the languages ​​supported in each of the versions.