Super Cleaner, a powerful application to clean and protect Android devices

In  Google Play there are a few applications designed to clean and protect Android devices, but there are very few that combine both aspects. At we have talked about a few aimed at optimizing and protecting mobile phones and  tablets , standing out on the Google Play Protect list . Clean Master also belongs to the group. Today we want to refer to an  app that acts as an antivirus, optimizes the boot process and eliminates everything that is left over. This is  Super Cleaner .

What does Super Cleaner offer?

It is an application that has already been downloaded by more than 500,000 users, capable of cleaning the accumulated garbage on the device as well as the memory and cache. As we have indicated, it is also capable of protecting against viruses and eliminating them in the event that they sneak into the mobile. With a single press you can cool down the CPU. It also takes care of prolonging the battery charge. It also blocks  suspicious apps .


Among the options offered by this application are the following:

  • Remove Junk : When there are several files consuming memory and occupying part of the storage space without them being active, the application takes care of deleting them. With a single touch you can free up space.
  • Clean cache files : When various applications have been used, such as Facebook Messenger for example, when closing them, traces of data remain. Super Cleaner takes care of removing this data. It does the same with the remnants left behind by apps that have been uninstalled.
  • Cools the CPU : When applications that overheat the CPU are detected, the  app takes care of closing them.
  • Virus protection : Does not allow the installation of viruses. It acts as a complete antivirus program.
  • Includes an enhancer : Free Ram, kill background tasks, or manage the notification toolbar, among other actions.
  • Uninstall  apps completely : All  unused  apps can be easily uninstalled after Super Cleaner warns you .
  • Blocks  apps : Supports blocking applications with the use of passwords so that they are not accessible by third parties.
  • Increase in the speed of the phone : It is capable of increasing the speed at which the mobile phone works, by freeing up RAM and eliminating tasks in the background.


To get this application you have to access Super Cleaner , within  Google Play . It is a free application that, among the languages ​​it supports, includes Spanish. The app includes ads.