SyncMate, complete synchronization tool for Mac

In the world in which we live, all of us who depend to a greater or lesser extent on technology, better on computing devices, want to maintain a series or set of elements in all of them. Synchronization is essential to be able to access certain elements at any time and place. Hence the meaning of the application that we present,  SyncMate , an all-in-one tool for synchronization for Mac.

What does SyncMate offer?

It is a program capable of establishing synchronization between multiple devices and accounts. Thus, it is capable of simultaneously synchronizing the Mac with multiple devices, from Android phones to iOS devices, passing through another or other Mac computers and any MTP device. It is not necessary to acquire several applications to carry out all the processes, with  SyncMate you can carry out all of them.

Supports the use of online accounts and cloud storage. Thus, in the wide group of supported elements are Outlook and Office 365 accounts, iCloud, Apple’s cloud service, and Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

Items that can be synced

With  SyncMate you can sync calendars, reminders, contacts, Safari bookmarks, iTunes library, and photos. It also allows you to read and manage SMS text messages, or calls from friends and acquaintances through a Mac computer. All synchronizations can be done automatically and in the background.

SyncMate Versions

The application is offered in two versions, one free and the other paid, with more features. In the first one you can carry out the synchronization of calendar, contacts and the one that is carried out in the background. If you want more, you have to resort to the  Expert version , which is not free. With it you can bring to fruition all the options supported by the program.

To consider

Those responsible for SyncMate tell us the following about this application:

Keep your data in sync between Mac and multiple devices or online accounts. No need to buy multiple sync solutions to sync your Mac with each device or account – just download SyncMate and all compatible devices will sync within one app.


To get this application you have to access SyncMate . After clicking on  Download, the download starts. It is also convenient to add an email account to receive information.

Version 8 of this app has just been released recently. We can see everything related to this new release by accessing the page indicated in the previous paragraph.