Take advantage of the products that Apple has for you

There is no doubt about it. Apple occupies a prominent place in the world of technology. Alongside Mac computers are mobile devices, with iPhone phones and iPad tablets, as well as smartwatches, and more. And we cannot forget the applications that accompany the aforementioned products.

If we want to make purchases of Apple products, it is best to use a tool like Payback . By using it, we will not only be able to carry out purchases easily but also obtain benefits. It is a free app, for iOS and Android devices, designed to make purchases online .

What does PayPal offer?

As we have indicated, it is a free app intended for the purchase of Apple products with which you can get discounts and promotions . Using a single Wallet, these purchases can be made in Mexico, at Cinemex, Amazon, Seven Eleven, Soriana and more.

When you make the first purchase you can already get points to use later. You will also have a large number of offers and discounts. If we do an analysis of the application, we can highlight the following characteristics:

  • Allows you to check the balance of points within Payback.
  • It is possible to carry out a complete analysis of all transactions made with the Wallet.
  • Supports activation of custom coupons.
  • Offers and discounts will be received at various times.
  • News and special promotions from the brands that participate in Payback will always be at hand.

To consider

With Payback it is possible to accumulate points when making purchases in several physical stores, in restaurants, in hotels, and in other services. Thus, for example, if you go to a Cinemex cinema, you can pay for the tickets with this application. The same is true when paying for gasoline at BP service stations.

Begin, after downloading and installing the app , start your Wallet and start accumulating points. From there, you can start earning more with offers, promotions, coupons and discounts. At all times you can examine in the Payback app what you have accumulated in your Wallet. And don’t worry, you can always keep all your points safe by locking your Wallet.

With Payback you will always be informed about the latest news and opinions related to everything that this application implies.

Payback operation

The operation of the app is very simple. It is valid for all types of users, since anyone can use its highly intuitive interface without problems. Below we show the three aspects to take into account when using Payback :

  • You will see the Wallet that you have active, the list of participating brands and the points that you can get on each purchase.
  • Use points to pay across multiple brands, then shop again for more.
  • Log into your account and do everything you can do: browse coupons and easily activate them. From here you will get new points.


Do not hesitate, use Payback to get everything we have indicated. It is a completely safe app , with which you will never take risks. You just have to start by creating or activating your Wallet. Do you still have doubts? Try and see. You will surely not regret it.